Personal Harmony

Close values gaps creating disharmony and conflict within you and with those around you.

Values gaps - the gaps between what you think, what you say and what you do, may be covered up for a while but they will create disharmony and conflict within you and with those around you. To enjoy growing, thriving and feeling harmony within yourself and with the larger world you operate in, despite challenges, stress and change, we help you diagnose and close your gaps.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” Gandhi

A Personal Harmony Questionnaire and Evaluation:

  1. Diagnoses what really matters to you and if these values are what you place value on;
  2. Provides a powerful and meaningful values' set for growth and harmony;
  3. Exposes which critical values gaps create disharmony and conflict within you and how you relate to others;
  4. Assists you to close these values gaps to create harmony within you and with your environment.

Want Personal Harmony, Despite Stress Difficulties and Change?

"If you have harmony, you have the opportunity to grow and be peaceful and content" Francis Bacon

Each questionnaire only takes approximately 25-minutes to complete. Your evaluation (including graphs and percentage results), shows the values gaps which create disharmony in you and in how you relate to others and explains how to resolve your gaps. This evaluation will immediately be sent to your coach. Combined with a powerful debrief and support from your coach, this evaluation will bring new light, hope and harmony to the way you live your life.

"Your values become your destiny” Gandhi

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Level 1

Personal Harmony

Level 1 allows you to understand your life through the prism of 11 values and how these values impact your personal harmony. It gives you a broader perspective of yourself and where you fit with those around you. Your evaluation will reveal your values gaps and how to move past your fears, self-limiting beliefs and old habits. This assists alignment between what you think, say and do for greater harmony, peace and happiness.


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Level 2

Harmony With Your Environment

Level 2 explains in detail the difficulties you are having in your life overall, as well as in each area of your life. It is deeply analytical and answers the question of ‘why’ these difficulties are happening. The more you apply the level 2 values, the less disharmony and conflict you’ll experience and the greater your feelings of harmony and energy will be as you understand yourself better and feel better understood.



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