Personal Harmony

Values compatibility is critical in the workplace. It influences the extent you can trust and rely on a person and work effectively with them. Other tools reveal personality and style preferences but they don't show a candidate's innate desire and capacity to grow and change. Tools such as Myers-Briggs assume no change based on growth. Personal Harmony evaluations show there can be substantial change and growth and we re-test to see the progress made. Our values-based evaluations really show the differences between people's level of conviction, self belief and desire. We ensure you align the right personal values to the nature of the role and the team or organizational culture.

Assess and benchmark your candidates against critical personal values which create harmony within a candidate and an ability to work harmoniously with their environment to deliver their full self and potential. Understand each candidate's critical values gaps that create disharmony within them and with their environment to reveal their ability to navigate challenges, difficulties, stresses and change. Our questionnaires and evaluations expose candidates' deepest motivations and underlying values, not what they choose to reveal or how they wish to be seen.

Attract, engage and retain talent that can stand out and work harmoniously with their environment

  • Candidates with high values give employers security and prevent values clashes.
  • Candidates with select personal values ensure an ideal fit with an organisation's culture and requirements.
  • Screen on resume and then use level 1 evaluations to create a list of the strongest talent.
  • Use Level 2 evaluations to short list the best suited candidates for the final interview.
  • Identify up-front, individuals who won't fit the culture or work collaboratively within it.
  • Less time and money trying to performance manage difficult people who create division and disharmony.
  • Match individual strengths to specific roles and recognise weaknesses to provide pre-emptive assistance.
  • Create powerful teams with a foundation of compatible values to drive growth.
  • Deep insight for post recruitment - support growth and development aspirations.
  • Increase harmony and energy in a workplace as individuals understand themselves better and feel better understood.
  • Invest in those who can bring their full self and potential and harmoniously work towards the organizations’ goals.

"Your values become your destiny” Gandhi

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Level 1

Personal Harmony

The Personal Harmony Questionnaire and Evaluation measures candidates against 11 personal values which create personal harmony in a person. We reveal their confidence in who they are, what they stand for and their current level of personal harmony.

Level 1 evaluates each candidate's strengths, their fears, self-limiting beliefs and other critical values gaps that create disharmony and limit their potential. It reveals what is required for these issues to be overcome.


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Level 2

Harmony With Your Environment

The Harmony With Your Environment Questionnaire and Evaluation measures 11 values which reveal a candidate's ability to have harmony with the environment they interact with. This will facilitate a much better fit with the environment and greater harmony, energy and an ability to bring their whole self to a role as they feel better understood.

Level 2 will reveal candidates' patterns of behaviour. It will explore their strengths and show their level of conviction, belief and desire to stand up for their values and break free of personal limitations to grow to their full potential.


Obligation Free Enquiries

For an obligation free introduction to see how you can ensure your HR or recruitment process is quicker, easier and differentiates candidates more effectively, please express your interest. Our online platform integrates seamlessly providing comprehensive profiling of candidates and in-depth evaluations. The results speak for themselves. I'd love to show you how quickly and easily this can transform your HR and recruiting processes and advance individuals or teams and chart progress towards further development and tangible results.

Please contact Fleur on 0458 010 474 or to learn more.

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