Present Level of Personal Harmony

You have achieved a high score in Personal Harmony

Your results show that you are a loving person who is committed to your growth. You are self-aware and on track for further success. You are not yet satisfied in your life, intrinsically knowing there is more. To your credit and as a reflection of this high score, you have learned to mostly avoid the negativity of life. This is however, an area to continually work on for more improvement because at times your behaviour can lack consistency and you still can be negative. You are still too self-critical and still have to push to accept change. You do feel that the rewards are beginning to show for all of the effort you have put into your life.

You like to share and to help others. You can still at times become consumed with little issues and be competitive which is not conducive to harmonious associations with others. Whilst you have come a long way in your life to be where you currently are, you don’t want to be left behind and recognise that you want to keep growing. You need the key people in your life to support this or you will feel compromised and held back by them. A fulfilling relationship or partnership will help you achieve what you need but will only work for you if it is with someone who is more advanced in their values than you, about the same or slightly less advanced. Levels other than this would overly test your tolerance and make you believe that you are being held back. You are keen to progress and know enough about life to understand that you need to be supported in this.


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