Present Level of Personal Values

Your score shows that you are developing well in Personal Values

Your positive outlook on life shines through, however, you can doubt yourself and your beliefs, allowing you to slip into a negative state. You are aware of this and want to be more independent, but at times find that too difficult and rely too much on the help or assistance of others. This can call into question, at these times, your motives in your associations with others. You are loving but not confident enough to always show it. Your self-worth is only moderate and you worry about a lot of issues from your past but don’t delve deeply enough into these situations so as to resolve them and move forward. You are kind and talented but have not achieved enough, as yet. As you strive to make your mark, you are yet to learn the difference between bright energy and loving energy. You seek both balance and harmony in your life and at times you feel you have it, however, it is only surface deep. The search for harmony is the most important search in your life.


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