Need For Deeper Meaning

Your score shows that you are developing in Need For Deeper Meaning

A person requiring deeper meaning and connection is emotionally intelligent. They have spent considerable time reflecting upon their associations and their future needs in their different relationships with people. They want connections with people which will fulfil them as a person. They are still striving to improve themselves and want new people in their life to be a part of that.

Whilst you are not yet fully committed to finding deeper meaning and connection in your associations with people, it is a pathway you are seeking much more than low needs interactions. You want to contribute to and receive from your associations with others but mostly when all is well. You rarely want to confront issues or difficulties, preferring to pretend that all is well and avoid having to talk about it. You have an anxiety of being shown up as being wrong. When another person raises an issue with you, you will try to either divert the argument to another topic or put it back at them by saying, ‘but what about you, this is what you do...’

At such times you will often become angry and indignant because a lot of the emotion that you repress will come out. Those who want to raise matters with you become frustrated and feel that it is all too hard. This is what you want so that others will stop raising issues that you have to address.


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