Personal Harmony Sample Coaching Question

Qu 1. I do not let people use me.

By letting people use you, you are choosing to allow others to direct your life where they want and not in the direction that you want. You are allowing this in order to please them because you lack the confidence to make your own choices.

We are meant to choose our own pathway in life and not hand over that choice to others. People who use other people are not doing it for the good of others, just for themselves.

Which people in your life are currently influencing you the most?

Of these people, which ones are you allowing this to happen with in order to please them?

By pleasing them is this really helping you? How is it helping or hindering you? Why is this the case?

Identify one person in the next week with whom you will change your behaviour and not please them.

Give your client the words to say… For example, I’ve realised that I’ve been doing the things you’ve wanted me to do even though I don’t agree, just to please you. It has been hurting me to do this and I don’t want to continue for these reasons… Therefore, I can’t continue to act in this way.

Next week in your coaching session, choose another person whom they seek to please. Work through a list of people this client has a history of pleasing. Someone who has a history of pleasing another person will be worried after they do speak their truth to them and will then seek to please the person again.

Identify where they have slipped back and why and then re-test to help them overcome this negative pattern.