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Values Coaching - A Deeper Dive

We partner with you behind the scenes to provide your clients with profiles which reveal the core values, beliefs and personal traits that drive their behaviour. Your clients' values form the basis of their beliefs, attitudes and how they live their life, so a values-based assessment is critical in gaining a true picture of them, their deepest motivations and what is holding them back! Our unbranded reports and resources seamlessly integrate with your business offering to your clients. Unbranded online questionnaires identify and measure the critical areas where focus is needed and we provide you with an action-plan to target these areas for the best and biggest results!

We do all the time consuming ground work you don't have time to do! We free you up by removing the need to analyse a customer’s situation and cut through what they say. We give you the coaching roadmap with values report levels 1 & 2, incorrect client questionnaire responses and a coaching manual which outlines step-by-step coaching questions and responses. This creates ongoing coaching sessions that are powerful and produce deep results! The in-depth insights into your clients and powerful coaching action-plans give you the ability to accelerate client growth and create sustainable transformative change in their lives.

Value-Adding Questionnaires

Personal Harmony offers two levels of online, questionnaire-based values reports. Coaching questionnaires are done online, at your clients' leisure, in the privacy of their own home. All client results are accessible by you and supported with extensive coaching content and action-plans. Take your coaching to the next level while freeing up your time. Personal Harmony offers you a big value-add and an additional income stream from the 'reports plus coaching packages' you can now tailor for your clients!

The first, using the the Core Values Questionnaire reveals a complete picture of a person from the core values and principles they hold and live by, that define who they are at a deep level. Therefore it explores the importance and priority they place on actually applying these principles in living their life. The more they apply these values the greater their personal growth. This picture can be deepened by the Personal Values Questionnaire and Report which reveals the personal qualities, traits and characteristics that differentiate them from others and influence their growth and development potential.

Level 1: Core Values Report

A Core Values Report includes a profile of 11 core values that define who a person really is as evidenced by the values they hold and apply to their daily life. These key values are the foundation from which the outcomes (or lack of outcomes) in a person’s life will stem from. These include; degree of honesty, accountability, ability to deal with fear and confront negative patterns, ego development, level of self belief, judgement and level of personal harmony. This report reveals the current situation and why this is the case. It opens the mind to how to think differently to maximise strengths and turn any negativity into positive thoughts, feelings and action. This report highlights where focus is needed, for example, reducing fear, boosting self-belief and allowing more choice to maximise personal harmony and growth!

Level 2: Personal Values Report

A Personal Values Report supplements the revealing insights of a Core Values Report (level 1) for deep discovery, transformational growth and personal harmony. It provides a deep dive into a person's current level of personal values covering 11 Personal Values which include strength of character, degree of independence, level of wisdom, adaptability, degree of idealism, passion, need for deeper meaning and overall level of personal values. This report offers deeper self discovery, meaning and purpose and a better understanding of where personal values are being applied or compromised. It opens the mind to different ways to think of patterns of behaviour and see the potential to break free of personal limitations and grow.

Coaching – Results & Resources

In addition to the values reports that are generated at the conclusion of the questionnaires for level 1 & 2, coaches can order a client results query providing all their client's incorrect questionnaire responses. These incorrect responses can be cross-referenced with the corresponding correct answer in the coaches' manual and powerful coaching questions are also provided in each manual with in-depth, actionable coaching insights for every incorrect response, providing countless hours of valuable coaching work with these clients. These specific coaching results and insights assist clients to action their report findings and make rapid gains in operating at a higher level. Also, to set new goals to strive for which can be reviewed and results re-tested to chart progress towards further development and tangible results.

 Sample Client Results: level 1
 Sample Client Results: level 2

Actionable Insights for Coaching. A one-time purchase per coach, to cross reference with individual client results to effectively target client areas in need of growth and development. Gives extensive coaching session content and questions and the opportunity to review and re-test clients to assess their progress.

Sample Q & A from Manual 1

Please contact Fleur for further information on 0458 010 474


  • "I wanted to grow and understand more about myself. I found this a wonderful way to gain insight into my strengths and the areas where I need to focus my efforts. The feedback seemed to see right through to the heart of me."

    Julia Symington

  • "Personal Harmony was recommended to me and I received invaluable information and subsequently support which enabled me to uncover particular values that were having an effect on not only my personal relationships, but also on the successful day to day running of my business. I now feel I have some great tools to assist me to move forward with less fear and more confidence."

    Elke Newall

  • "I held a view that my values didn’t play a significant role in achieving the success I wanted in life but I can now see that they unconsciously determined how I viewed the world. As such, how they influenced my actions both positively and negatively. I am feeling more satisfied and I am seeing more success in my life because the decisions I am making are aligned with these higher values. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels stuck in any area of their life. With the help of your coach, you are then given a pathway to move forward with more clarity, purpose and direction. "

    Steve Angel

  • "I am thrilled I completed the Personal Harmony questionnaires which I found to be invaluable, helping me understand how to close the gaps to act on and live according to my values and to create more harmony within myself, my relationships and my business. I would certainly recommend the Personal Harmony questionnaires to anyone who feels areas of their life are out of alignment and wants to be guided back with the support of a coach, to who they truly are."

    Tracey Magookin

  • "I just want to give you my personal thanks because my results really helped me in understanding myself. By taking the Personal Harmony questionnaires, I learnt a lot about myself and what I can do. I’ve now discovered what has driven me in the past to be who I am in the present. I am already more motivated because I have come to terms with what has been holding me back. I now have the tools to increase my growth tremendously for my future. "

    Mia Everson

  • "This is designed to show you your best values, your weaknesses and how they affect your everyday life. I found the information crucial in understanding what drove my everyday decisions. I highly recommend Personal Harmony to anyone that wants to gain a deeper understanding of their values and to anyone looking for more purpose in their life."

    Jack Barrett

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