Personal Harmony


"We have a need to be in control. This is for several reasons: fear of the unknown, insecurity in ourselves and a need to be right.

If we learn to understand ourselves and our insecurities, there will be less fear, conflict and tension, more balance and therefore, harmony in ourselves, our life and with others. "

Ian Rogers

Time For The Truth?

"Self teaching for personal and professional development does not work. We are rarely honest enough with ourselves to tell ourselves the truth and act on it.

In understanding ourselves better by the values we live by and act on, we have a real foundation to create personal harmony and harmony with the larger world we operate in. "

Ian Rogers

Freedom Is

"Your mind holds on tightly to the negative experiences of your life, imprisoning you in them. Freedom is when you are able to escape the negativity you hold from these experiences in your mind. "

Ian Rogers

What Brings Clarity?

"Perseverance in difficult times brings growth but does not bring clarity of mind. Knowing where you want to get to brings clarity of mind.

The application of your values to that journey will make the journey worthwhile or worthless, depending on your values. "

Ian Rogers


"Desire to achieve something in life begins as an unspoken thought within yourself. If you respond to the thought you will choose to act on your desire or not.

Ignoring your own desire is the cause of so many unfulfilled dreams which in turn causes mediocrity on earth. Acknowledge your own desires, in that way at least you get to choose whether or not you will act upon them. "

Ian Rogers

Self Imprisonment

"Few people understand what freedom is because few have experienced it or allow themselves to. All humans have an understanding of imprisonment, but usually equate it to being in jail.

Few people understand self imprisonment and how that stems from imposed thoughts and beliefs. A small percentage of people are imprisoned in jails. A very large percentage of people are self imprisoned. "

Ian Rogers

You Are Enough

"To get more from life you need to grow. In order to grow you have to allow for change, in the knowledge and belief that you are enough to handle what the change brings. Once it has been, you will be able to see how it assisted you. "

Ian Rogers

Strive To Succeed

"Strive to succeed is a truism of life. It works only so long as you know what you are wanting to succeed at. Where what you are striving for is a goal set for you by another, you are not striving to succeed, you are only striving to please. "

Ian Rogers

Resisting Change

"Humans are predisposed to change and to deal with the changes as they come. This is necessary as life is a constantly changing cycle of events.

Therefore, those who resist change, do so by choice. The choice to resist change is a refusal to grow, therefore, a comfort in living unchallenged. "

Ian Rogers

Recognition Of No Progress

"You will know when you are not making progress in your life, when you are stuck.

It is when you are still blaming others for what has gone wrong in your life. "

Ian Rogers

Are You Worthy Of Change?

"A lack of determination only exists in those who have not been able to convince themselves that they are worthy of change. "

Ian Rogers

Negativity In Life

"People who have a lot of negativity in their life lack purity in their thoughts and actions. "

Ian Rogers

Enduring Criticism

"To be able to endure the criticisms of others, you first have to rescue yourself from the doldrums of your life. When moving forward in life, the excitement of the journey does not allow you time to ponder the criticisms others want to put on you, you are already fulfilled.

Criticisms only affect you when you already feel stuck. If you feel your life is full of unfair criticisms then examine your own life and become more active in growing. "

Ian Rogers

The Journey of Change

"The journey of change is not only difficult to start but also difficult to undertake. In the end, the thing that will cause the start of the journey of change is a recognition of the bad things in your life and how all encompassing they are.

In undertaking your journey of change, what will keep you going is the feeling and knowledge of a more loving world waiting for you. "

Ian Rogers

Entrenched Positions

"Entrenched positions are only taken by the ridiculous, the selfish and the scathing. The only time entrenched positions are taken is when they are negative positions. This means the only outcome is more negativity.

To be able to think more clearly and more laterally, you have to be able to allow more positivity into your life and into the potential outcomes. "

Ian Rogers


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