Personal Harmony

11 Values For Personal Harmony

Level 1 gives you the roadmap to close client values gaps for personal harmony.

Personal Harmony


Life happens in patterns that only change when a person learns what they are teaching them. Avoidance of this leads to a wasted and non worthwhile life.


The application of values and principles into your daily existence. The more these values are applied, the more personal growth you will experience in your life.


Acceptance that all individuals have equal worth. The application or non-application of this value will affect your beliefs and how you lead your life.


Every action of every person has a reaction for which you are accountable. Growth as a person cannot take place if you do not take responsibility for your own actions (i.e. blame).


The expectation of others that they will subscribe to your values and if they don’t, you deem them to be wrong. In deeming them to be wrong you are applying a negative state or energy to them being wrong. This means that in being wrong you are critical of them. It is this criticism where the judgement lays.

Sharing Energy

The recognition of the connectivity of all people and things. In being unselfish, a person is of particular help to others who are struggling at a point in time.


The belief that other people exist to support you and/or your belief systems. Where you do not get the balance of this concept right, you will be difficult, if not impossible, to be in partnership with.


Indecisiveness over an anticipated outcome. Becoming decisive will not by itself rid you of fear but will allow you to discover that whatever life brings, you are equipped to deal with it.


The ability to express your truth. Honesty is rarely rewarded, yet it is the most important way to evaluate a person’s growth.


The right to make decisions concerning matters fundamental to your personal growth. Every person’s basic right is to make such choices. Failure to take up this right will alienate you from those who do take it up.


The belief that you are worthy of giving yourself the opportunity to grow. An inability to give yourself this opportunity will doom you to mediocrity.

11 Values For Harmony With Your Environment

Level 2 gives you the roadmap to close values gaps for harmony with your environment.

Harmony with
Your Environment


That which makes a person believe that they are right or wrong and to act it out accordingly.


The ability to think, act and grow of your own accord without an undue reliance upon others.


The state of what a person knows from what they have learned over time.


Overcoming the need to repeat habit-based behaviour i.e. characteristics or traits of a person repeated without conscious thought and with little accord to the situation in which they are used.

Honest Effective Communication

The ability to express thoughts, feelings, needs and wants and match words to actions, other than in an angry way, whilst recognising that those needs change and need to be re-expressed.


The state of a person as a result of the physical and emotional conditions in that person’s life.

Being Expressive

The ability to express and reciprocate to others, usually feelings of good will.


Passionate people inspire action and outcomes and confront those who avoid.

Concern For Your Environment

People demonstrate their selflessness through acting out of care and concern for issues beyond those that just affect them.


A belief that doing what is right is more important than compromise just to satisfy the needs of others.

Need For Deeper Meaning

The need for deeper connections with people that fulfill them as a person. They will have spent considerable time understanding their relationships with people and their future needs.


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